Get into the inbox of your exact target audience by creating a customized email list.
Leverage WebHealth Network Media’s 3 million active and addressable contacts to build out your email list by NPI (US), List Match, or Specialty.

  • EMAIL DEPLOYMENT: Includes set-up, two tests, and deployment of text and HTML email message. Email message must be supplied in final deployment form. (When you see it in your Email / Newsletter Campaign List).
  • EMAIL REPORT: Includes summary information regarding the mailing, seed names, messages delivered, messages opened, clickthroughs.
  • URL TRACKING (Clickthroughs): Tracks individual URLs that have been clicked on in your email message. Multiple URLs can be tracked in one email message.
  • ECHOES: Automated Follow-up Email Sends
  • TURNAROUND TIME: 3-5 days after receipt of your email assets.

  • PERSONALIZATION: Personalize each email message with the individual’s name.
  • LIST MATCHING: We can match a client supplied file to our email database and select the matched records for email deployment.
  • LIST MATCH EMAIL FLAG: Supply a client’s file back to them with a flag indicating which records have an email address.
  • SUPPRESSION FILE: Prevent sending emails to a specific list supplied by client.
  • ANALYSIS FILE: After deployment, reporting will include emails delivered, opened, clicked, and who opened and/or clicked the message.

E-Mail Creative Bundle

  • HTML File: (600 - 800 pixels)
  • Images: We need image files, if they are not hosted or included within the HTML file.
  • Subject Line
  • From Name


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  • Inline all CSS

Reporting Includes

  • Sends, Opens, Clicks, Open Rate, and Click Rate