Four Ways to Reach Healthcare Practitioners in the Cookieless World

"Medicine is the science of uncertainty and an art of Probability"
- William Osler

The old methods of Pharma marketing to MDs and Health Care Professionals have hit a wall.  Conference attendance is way down and face-to-face one-on-one meetings are almost impossible to arrange. 

Digital Advertising by List Match or Specialty has become the Go-To method of reaching Doctors, but Digital must include multiple tactics to be effective.

First there is Display Advertising.  Targeting MDs on their phones or in their offices is critical.  But, the Cookieless world is sweeping Display.  If the MD is using Apple or the Safari browser, you’re firing blindly.  Next January, all the MDs who use Android or Chrome are going to be blocked as well.

Going forward, targeted Display to an HCP List Match has to be done by using First Party Data of the direct publisher.  First-party data is information a publisher collects directly from its visitors.

Next in line for Digital is Direct Email Marketing.  Emailing HCPs have open rates of 6-8% and are a great way of getting your message across and driving both consideration and traffic to your branded landing pages.

Next is getting MDs to attend online Webinars or downloading the results of Trials or Studies.   It’s referred to in the digital industry as Content Syndication.

Indeed, most MDs who attend a webinar or review a data sheet opt-in to receive more invites and more content. This nurturing leads to qualified HCPs for Reps to follow up with.  Next to face-to-face meetings, this is the most effective tactic in the digital marketing quiver.
The leaders of Content Syndication were the B2B technology companies who used it relentlessly to build their Cloud offerings and marketshare and proved its worth. 

Combining and analyzing the data of all three methods brings us to the Holy Grail. Intent Based Data.

"Intent Data" is data that reveals a buyer's (or group of buyers') intent to do something.  WebHealthNetwork Media has an online platform, updated daily which uses a Scorecard system to predict the likelihood of writing a high volume of scripts for any particular treatment. It basically assigns points based on engagement on all three Digital tactics and then ranks the MDs on a daily basis. This insight is incredibly important to maximizing performance of any targeted digital marketing campaign.

According to Gartner, 70% of Marketers will use third party intent data by 2022.  Are you ready to use Intent Data?

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