Leverage Artificial Intelligence - HCP Intent Data Predicts Script Lift

"By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it." - Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial Intelligence is really all about leveraging data for learning and then executing on those learnings for better results.  HCP Intent Data utilizes AI to predict the best focus for driving Script lift.

Predictive analytics based on statistics and then ranking HCPs is no different then using Sports statistics to rank players in order to predict their future performance or understand what areas to focus on to improve their performance.  Grouping HCPs by those most likely to have a high volume of patients that have specific conditions and then crossing with those most receptive to a treatment maximises commercialisation efforts and market share outcomes.

At the risk of providing too much detail, at its Core, Intent Data starts with an Identity Graph repository (ID Graph). The ID Graph houses all identifiers that correlate with organizations and their executives. The ID Graph collects "executive identifiers" like NPI, online-behavior data and interest, specialties, locations, and contact information such as telephone and email.

But the ID Graph also can contain the results of Digital Marketing campaigns and script volume:

  • Display bucket views, clicks, time on site by HCP. 
  • Email bucket opens, and interest by subject matter. 
  • Content Syndication (webinar attendance or downloads of trial or research reports) shows are a leading indicator for showing precise interest of an MD.

Combining all these metrics into a Scorecard, where every indicator is measured daily, allows you to categorize certain HCPs as being highly probable to either increase the volume of their script writing for a treatment, or ready to change their opinion about the best treatment. This insight is incredibly important to maximizing performance of any targeted digital marketing campaign.

WebHealthNetwork Media has an online platform, updated daily, which uses a Scorecard system to predict the likelihood of writing a high volume of scripts for any particular treatment. It basically assigns points based on engagement with Digital tactics utilized and then ranks the MDs on a daily basis.

The old argument was that you could measure Intent Data based on leveraging Cookies.  But the Cookieless world is sweeping display.  If the MD is using an Apple device or the Safari browser, you’re firing blindly.  Next January, all the MDs who use Android or Chrome are going to be blocked too. 

As a result, Programmatic platforms are hitting a wall because of the Cookieless world.  But that change is ushering in a method that relies on metrics from the digital omnichannel that measures display, email, conferences, webinars and more. 

As Geoffrey Moore said, “Without data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway”.  Those who leverage Artificial Intelligence to Scorecard Intent data will be the only ones who really know where they are and where to go.

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